4th Grade

  • Religion

    • Rules, Morality, and Conscience
    • The Ten Commandments
    • The Beatitudes
    • The Great Commandment
    • Major Church Feasts
    • Church Seasons
    • Daily prayer

    Family Life

    • Supports parents in the development of a Catholic perspective on attitudes and moral values that are needed by our students in our world today


    • Students continue the practice of correct formation of cursive letters
    • Neatness and legibility in all subject areas is stressed



    • Use of calculators Variety of strategies and tools are used to introduce and review math topics including use of manipulatives, overhead graphics, hands-on experiences, individual white boards, etc.
    • Basic facts are reviewed to aid in accurate computation
    • Addition and Subtraction with regrouping are reviewed
    • Multiplication and Division with 2-digits
    • Geometry topics
    • Fractions
    • Decimals
    • Problem Solving
    • Measurement Data Analysis and Graphing


    • Life Science
    • Earth Science
    • Physical Science
    • Human Body
    • Experiments and other hands-on experiences will be conducted through the school year
    • Active participation, critical thinking, and problem solving activities are emphasized

    Social Studies

    • In-depth year long study of the State of Michigan
    • History
    • Geography
    • Economy
    • Government
    • Culture

    Language Arts

    • Integrated through the curriculum whenever possible
    • Review and learn skills that will foster a love and appreciation for the language arts
    • Read, describe, and discuss literature in a variety of genres
    • Use written language as a tool for sharing information and knowledge
    • Emphasis on comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and cultural awareness in reading
    • Recognize and utilize the parts of speech correctly
    • Daily practice in using complete sentences and writing cohesive paragraphs
    • Regular review of capitalization and punctuation rules