Jr. High Religion

  • Prayer Time with Grades 6-8

    We begin each day’s class with prayer. The theme and style of the prayer varies with the Liturgical season and holy days.  

    Grade 6 Religion: Sacred Scripture

    Exploring Sacred Scripture with Sacred Art

    Sacred Scripture: The written revelation of God

    The Purposes of Scripture

    The Use of Scripture at Holy Mass

    Praying withScripture: Lectio Divina

    How to Use the Bible

    Exploring Biblical Interpretation with Sacred Art

    The Inspiration of Scripture and the Writing Styles of the Bible

    How to Interpret Scripture: The Senses of Scripture

    The Old and New Testaments

    Salvation History Is a Love Story between God and His People, Told Through the Covenants

    Exploring the Early World of Genesis with Sacred Art

    The Story of Creation

    Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Great Flood

    Exploring God’s Covenant with the Chosen People with Sacred Art

    God’s Chosen People

    God Calls Abraham

    Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

    Exploring the Exodus with Sacred Art

    The Exodus is the Central Saving Event of the Old Testament
    Moses and God’s Call

    The Passover

    God Continues to Save Us from Sin—the Parting of the Red Sea and the Ten Commandments

    Exploring the Royal Kingdom and the Prophets in Sacred Art

    Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Saul

    The Davidic Covenant

    The Prophets of the Old Testament

    Exploring Jesus as Priest, Prophet, and King with Sacred Art

    The New Testament Provides an Account of God’s Saving Actions

    Jesus the Messiah

    Jesus Fulfills the Old Testament Role of Priest

    Jesus Fulfills the Old Testament Role of Prophet

    Jesus Fulfills the Old Testament Role of King

    The Paschal Mystery

    Jesus Makes a New Covenant with Us

    Exploring the Church with Sacred Art

    The Church Is a Visible Sign of God’s Presence

    The Four Marks of the Church

    The Precepts of the Church

    Exploring the Kingdom of Heaven with Sacred Art

    God and Time

    The End of Time: The Last Things

    The New Heavens and The New Earth

    Grade 7 Religion: Friendship with Jesus and the Gospels

    ~Exploring Personal Growth with Sacred Art
    ~The Human Person, Made in the Image and Likeness of God
    ~Human Growth and the Purpose of Existence
    ~Physical and Sexual Growth
    ~Emotional and Intellectual Growth
    ~Social Growth
    ~Spiritual Growth
    ~Growth in the Virtues and in the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit
    ~Challenges to Growth
    ~Exploring Jesus and the Gospel with Sacred Art
    ~Divine Revelation
    ~The Inspiration and Authorship of Scripture
    ~The Old Testament and New Testament
    ~The Stages of Gospel Formation and the Literary Aspects of the Gospels
    ~World of the New Testament
    ~The Incarnation
    ~Jesus’s Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection
    ~The Gospel of Matthew
    ~The Gospel of Mark
    ~The Gospel of Luke
    ~The Gospel of John
    ~Exploring the Sacraments with Sacred Art
    ~What is a Sacrament?
    ~Baptism: Effects and Living the Sacrament
    ~Baptism: History and Celebration
    ~Confirmation: History and Celebration
    ~Confirmation: Effects and Living the Sacrament
    ~Eucharist: History and Celebration
    ~Eucharist: Effects and Living the Sacrament
    ~Penance and Reconciliation: History and Celebration
    ~Penance and Reconciliation: Effects and Living the Sacrament
    ~Anointing of the Sick: History and Celebration
    ~Anointing of the Sick: Effects and Living the Sacrament
    ~Holy Matrimony: History and Celebration
    ~Holy Matrimony: Effects and Living the Sacrament
    ~Holy Orders: History and Celebration
    ~Holy Orders: Effects and Living the Sacrament
    ~Exploring Prayer with Sacred Art
    ~Prayer in Salvation History
    ~The Lord’s Prayer
    ~Praying to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, in Communion with Mary, the Mother of God
    ~Ways of Praying: The Liturgy
    ~Ways of Praying: Devotional Prayer
    ~Ways of Praying: Praying with Scripture
    ~Witnesses of Prayer: Mary and the Saints

    Grade 8 Religion: Church History and Theology of the Body

    ~Exploring Personal Growth with Sacred Art
    ~Image and Likeness
    ~Vocation of Love
    ~Relationships Build the Kingdom
    ~The Family in God’s Plan
    ~Social Responsibility
    ~God Loves Us and Calls Us to Be in Relationship with Him in the Church
    ~The Nature and Mission of the Catholic Church
    ~Jesus to AD 100: History
    ~Jesus to AD 100: Witness of the Saints
    ~AD 100 to 500: History
    ~AD 100 to 500: Witness of the Saints
    ~AD 500 to 1000: History
    ~AD 500-1000: Witness of the Saints
    ~AD 1000 to 1500: History
    ~AD 1000 to 1500: Witness of the Saints
    ~AD 1500 to 1800: History
    ~AD 1500 to 1800: Witness of the Saints
    ~AD 1800 to the Present History
    ~AD 1800 to the Present: Witness of the Saints
    ~“To the End of the Age”: The Future of the Church
    ~The Universal Call to Holiness: Our Call to be Saints
    ~Exploring Morality with Sacred Art
    ~What is Morality?
    ~Freedom and the Human Person
    ~Conscience and Our Obligation to Form It
    ~The Ten Commandments
    ~Jesus is the Model of Holiness
    ~Jesus’s Teaching on the Ten Commandments
    ~Jesus Teaches Us to Love
    ~Jesus Gives Us the Beatitudes
    ~Elements of a Good, Moral Decision
    ~The Process of Making a Good Moral Choice
    ~Temptation and the Reality of Sin
    ~Structures of Sin and Social Sin
    ~Justification, God’s Mercy and Grace
    ~Support for Moral Living: Personal Prayer and Openness to the Holy Spirit
    ~Support for Moral Living: Community, the Sacraments, and the Saints
    ~The Rights of Citizens and the Purpose of Government
    ~Just War

    ~Exploring the Image of God with Sacred Art
    ~Male and Female: The Imago Dei
    ~Theology of the Body
    ~Expressions of Love
    ~The Sacrament of Marriage
    ~Offenses against Chastity and Marital Love
    ~Friendship and Protecting Against Lust
    ~Resisting Temptation and Relying on God and His Grace