• Spanish (Junior High) Highlights
    “Cancion de Direcciones” (direction Song) - All 5th through 8th grade students learn a song with accompanying gestures that quickly teaches them all words needed to give simple directions (left, right, in front of, behind, close to/near, far, below, on top of, inside, outside)
    House Project: 8th grade students create and label in Spanish the floor plan of a two story house according to a three paragraph description in Spanish.
    Listening and conversation: All students practice guided Spanish conversation with one another using textbook activities and perfect pronunciation via “listen and repeat” exercises.
    TPRS: (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Story-telling)- Using this recently developed theory in learning foreign languages, students not only learn to read children’s books in Spanish, but also participate in the story by playing various characters. Some of these books include, “Llaman a la puerta” by Pat Hutchins, El Canguro Tiene Mama? By Eric Carle, and “Abuelo y los tres Osos” by Jerry Tello. This is the most natural way for students to acquire the grammar structure (sentence formation) of a second language. The “TPR” method is also used in learning new vocabulary of “Paso a Paso” via interactive power point presentations.